SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards

Are you thinking about saving for college? Check out Sage Scholars Tuition Rewards sometime: From website, select Learn More, and then How it Works. Here are some of the highlights taken from the How it Works page:

  • SAGE Tuition Rewards is a unique private college savings program. Tuition Rewards Points are like frequent flyer miles - but for college tuition!
  • Tuition Rewards are discounts off of tuition at participating private colleges and universities. The Tuition Rewards Points represent the minimum scholarship that an eligible student will receive if and when he or she attends a member school.
  • Tuition Rewards can be earned by employees at over 100,000 employers nationwide! 
    • Rewards can be earned by opting for dental coverage or health care coverage through one of SAGE Tuition Rewards affiliated national insurance providers. 
    • Rewards can also be earned based on employer provided retirement plans such as 401k and 403b, or by participating in, or opting in for, select voluntary benefits plans or enrollment events.
  • Tuition Rewards can be earned by saving or investing with one or more financial affiliates.
  • Earning Tuition Rewards Points by Other Means 
    • By purchasing cash-value life insurance through a participating organization 
    • By maintaining membership in affiliated fraternal organizations 
    • By working with an affiliated financial professional (individual or organization) who provides asset management, qualified product sales, annual financial reviews, seminars or workshops 
    • Having a college funding plan created by an affiliated organization or individual
  • Using Tuition Reward Points 
    • Tuition Rewards points are typically earned by the Sponsor and accrue in the Sponsor's Tuition Rewards account. It is up to the Sponsor to assign (transfer) Tuition Rewards points from the Sponsor account to students listed on their account. 
Per the website, member colleges and universities include:

Iowa institutions listed on the website include the following:
  • Briar Cliff University 
  • Clarke University 
  • Coe College 
  • Cornell College 
  • Grand View University 
  • Iowa Wesleyan University 
  • Loras College 
  • Morningside College 
  • Mount Mercy University 
  • University of Dubuque 

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