Happy Thanksgiving from ICAN!

Can you believe it is Thanksgiving week already? November 22 is the earliest Thanksgiving can be held being on the 4th Thursday in November and that might be one reason it has snuck up on me.

The time with family, food and football (may or not be ranked in that order :)) as well the kickoff to the whole Holiday season makes Thanksgiving one of my favorite holidays.

I love to look at some of the interesting Thanksgiving facts:
  1. The first Thanksgiving lasted 3 days- I can see that as I am still eating leftover Turkey and cherry pie three days later 
  2. There is no proof that turkey was eaten at the first Thanksgiving but lobster, seal and swan was on the menu 
  3. Macy' Thanksgiving Day parade started in 1924 - with NO big balloons. The big balloons didn't start until 1927. 
  4. The NFL has had Thanksgiving football games since their inception in 1920. 
  5. The Detroit Lions started the tradition of always playing on Thanksgiving in 1934 and the Dallas Cowboys (my favorite team) started in 1966 when the NFL wanted to have multiple games on Thanksgiving. 
  6. The tradition of football on Thanksgiving dates back to 1876 when Princeton and Yale played 
  7. 46 Million Turkeys are cooked each year on Thanksgiving 
  8. 50 million Pumpkin pies are ate each year on Thanksgiving 
  9. Black Friday is the busiest day for plumber with plugged up drains, garbage disposals and toilets 
  10. Swanson's tv dinners were created in 1953 when an employee ordered way too much turkey (260 tons) and needed a way to get rid of it all 
There are so many more interesting facts you can find on the internet. Notice I didn't mention anything about shopping. Obviously the biggest shopping day of the year is Black Friday. But that is NOT on my list of why I enjoy Thanksgiving. I will stay away from that madness. 😊

From all of us at ICAN we hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving with family and friends! Our offices will be closed from Nov. 21-23 in observance of Thanksgiving. We will be back open at 8am on Monday Nov. 26th.

Erick - ICAN Ankeny and Des Moines Centers